In case you hadn’t heard, Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has introduced legislation that would withhold federal funding from schools that allow transgender young women to compete in women’s sports:

Disincentivizing schools from allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports seems pretty logical to us.

So naturally, the HuffPost is pissed:

How is it not supporting the LGBTQ community to want young women athletes to play on a level field? Does supporting the LGBTQ community dictate that girls get screwed over? What about lesbian athletes who don’t want to compete against male athletes? Are they not supporting the LGBTQ community?

They really are. And it’s working with plenty of people:

So, basically, Tulsi Gabbard is a traitor to the Party of Science™ by believing in basic biology. At least according to HuffPost et al.

Fortunately there are still plenty of people who support following the actual science on this.