Always-reliable MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin stumbled upon a scoop that could spell big trouble for Georgia GOP Senate candidate David Perdue.

And you know it’s really serious because he saw it in Salon (it’s also being reported in other outlets):

Wow. Busted.

Totally clear-cut case of insider trading.


ls it, though?

That’s because it is kinda weak.

So if we’re understanding this correctly, who had invested money in a pharmaceutical company during a global pandemic, and that’s the big red flag?

Investing in a drug company in a time when vaccines are in high demand seems like a pretty wise thing to do.

Perdue’s gotten into trouble for questionable investments before, but the DOJ cleared him, so if firefighters like Kyle Griffin and Salon are gonna nail him, they’re gonna have to do it for something other than what any sane person with the financial means would have done.