Earlier this week, CNN came out with an “exclusive” scoop revealing that the Chinese government was less than forthright about its super-impressive COVID19 response:

We were almost as shocked as CNN.

Funny you should mention that. As it happens, Drew Holden, aka the King of Receipts, recently had a blistering thread about that very thing!

Grab a snack, get comfortable, and enjoy:

But wait! There’s more:

Also worth remembering:

A lot of people should be made to answer for going easy on — or outright praising — China’s handling of COVID19.

Don’t worry, Drew. Quite a few people are still atoning for that one.

Not even last, as it turns out:


Intellectually and morally untenable sounds about right for our alleged moral betters.

The media at large, anyway. There were, fortunately, a few exceptions to the rule on this:

But they were exceptions.

And the Guardians of Truth and political class let them get away with it.