Chinese Foreign Ministry Information Department spokesman Lijian Zhao recently shared a shocking photo of an Australian soldier shockingly murdering an Afghan child:

You know what’s even more shocking than that photo? The fact that it’s a fake.

We know, we know. We don’t expect that sort of thing from a ChiCom propagandist. And yet, here we are.

But it gets more shocking still. See, if you look at that tweet, you’ll notice that there’s no “misinformation” or “claim disputed” disclaimer of any kind, despite the fact that Twitter has a story about the image being doctored:

Well, Twitter? Does China have something on you guys?

It’s still up as of this post’s publication, helpfully noting that it comes from a “China government account” but apparently not having any room to flag it for misinformation:

Let’s just say we’re not even remotely shocked that Twitter is doing this.