Leave it to CNN treasure Chris Cillizza to find the silver lining in Joe Biden injuring his foot over the weekend:

“Analysis.” Gets us every time.

Anyway, in his “analysis” comparing Biden’s visit to an orthopedist to Donald Trump’s recent trip to Walter Reed, Cillizza writes:

Now, I — and probably you — don’t know or care all that much about Joe Biden’s “lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones.” But that isn’t really the point.

The point is this: Transparency in matters of health and, well, everything else, is fundamental to a functioning democracy. And we have had the opposite of that for these last four years.


The transparency coming from Biden’s transition team about hairline fractures in the President-elect’s foot suggests that the effort by the Trump White House to actively obfuscate when asked basic questions about the President’s health is over.

Joe Biden is totally open and honest with the media and the American people and we pretty much have no reason to doubt him on anything ever because we know that he hurt his foot.

But lest you think that Chris Cillizza is completely up Team Biden’s backside, he’s at least willing to cling to a shred of skepticism:

It’s a good start. But only a start. Let’s see if the President-elect and his team can stay committed to full transparency about his health in the coming years.

So, right now, Chris is only 99.9% sure that we can trust Joe Biden to be transparent. Biden’s still got a steep 0.01% hill to climb if he wants Chris Cillizza’s complete confidence.