Earlier today, Ivanka Trump tweeted about decreased greenhouse gas emissions under Donald Trump’s administration:

CNN’s Jake Tapper would just like to point out that ackshually, emissions will be lower because of the COVID19 pandemic’s devastating effects on the U.S. economy:

And that’s a fair point to make. A stifled economy would understandably have an impact on emissions.

But Ivanka also brought up a fair point:

Well, Jake, for the record, is not impressed:

So there! Take that, Ivanka!


Right? We thought lower emissions were the goal! Who cares how we do it?

The real story? You mean the one about letting the market work?

And that’s kind of what Tapper’s argument appears to boil down to, isn’t it? At least that’s the argument he’s attempting to make. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that he actually made a pretty great case for a fiscally conservative, i.e. free market, economic approach.

Oh well, Jake. At least you tried.

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