New York City Councilman Joe Borelli doesn’t sound like he’ll be following Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s edict that, among other things, limits private gatherings in private homes to ten people:

And Chris Hayes is so taken aback, he doesn’t even know what to say.

But he managed to string these words together, somehow:

Completely reasonable and levelheaded and intellectually honest as always. Chris Hayes never disappoints.

Andrew Cuomo’s actions have *actually* spread the virus and resulted in thousands of deaths. But Republicans who want to see their families over the holidays are the problem?


Outrageously selective outrage, in fact:

Lots of people need to dance on top of each other in the streets to celebrate Joe Biden, but nobody needs to be with their families.

Because he doesn’t honestly think that. And, well, if he does, he’s clearly too far gone to save.

Maybe we can bring drawing and quartering back in style!