Yesterday, if you’ll recall, Jake Tapper innocently offered up some friendly advice to all the Trump supporters out there who may want to look for a job at some point in the future:

He’s just trying to be helpful, guys!

Well anyway, this morning, he’s tweeting about the Trump Accountability Project’s decidedly fascist undertaking, compiling an enemies’ list of anyone “who took a paycheck from the Trump Administration.”

Tapper notes that this doesn’t sound much like the “unity and healing” that are supposed to mark the Dawn of the Age of Biden:


It’s actually an even long list than that:

So, it’s nice of Jake to help bring the Trump Accountability Project’s fascist endeavor to the forefront of the national political discourse.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean much coming from the guy whose advice reads as a warmer, fuzzier version of the Trump Accountability Project’s stated goals.

Out with it, Jake.