Former Michigan Assistant AG Zachary Larsen has alleged that he witnessed election fraud in Detroit:

Was there fraud? We don’t know. But Larsen made his allegations in a sworn affidavit, so we’d say that the public has an interest in knowing about these allegations.

Apparently Twitter disagrees:

Disputed? OK. A lot of things are disputed.

But the sworn affidavit itself shouldn’t have a warning on it. Even Benjamin Weingarten’s tweet said “if the allegations are true.”

Moreover, in doing this, Twitter is not-so-subtly suggesting that Larsen is lying in his sworn statement, despite this being the only kind of evidence they can offer to support that:

“Voter fraud is incredibly rare. Therefore Zachary Larsen is probably lying.”

Someone should really slap a warning label on Twitter, advising users that if they tweet anything that disputes Twitter’s preferred narrative, there could be consequences.

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