PinkNews, the “world’s most read & watched LGBT+ digital media publisher,” has a pretty huge scoop on the future Biden administration:

Wow! Amazing! What a story!

What a bunch of BS.

Richard Grenell, for one, would like a word:

PinkNews’ article does acknowledge Grenell’s existence (though we’re not sure if this copy was initially in their post):

If confirmed, Buttigieg would be the first openly gay person ever to hold a full-time cabinet post – though controversial gay Trump official Richard Grenell previously held the cabinet-level role of Director of National Intelligence on an interim basis.

So basically, Grenell was the first out gay cabinet official technically speaking, but he doesn’t really count because Trump.

Nuance — if you can even call it that — aside, PinkNews’ tweet is a bald-faced lie. And yet the day after it was posted, Twitter still hasn’t felt the need to slap any kind of warning on it.

Almost as if Twitter doesn’t actually have a problem with misinformation as long as the right people are misinformed.

It doesn’t get much wronger.

PinkNews even noted it at the time:

How embarrassing.