It’s time for a little perspective from the Washington Post, you guys:

The illustrious Margaret Sullivan writes:

Over the past four or five years, I’ve been sharply critical of the media, including that subset I like to call the “reality-based press” — as distinguished from, say, the mendacious bilge spewed by the likes of Sean Hannity and Alex Jones. My continuing complaint has been that mainstream journalism never quite figured out how to cover President Trump, the master of distraction and insult who craved media attention and knew exactly how to get it, regardless of what it meant for the good of the nation.

The mainstream media, however flawed, has managed to tell us who Trump is. Even the worst of it — the way lie-filled briefings on the coronavirus, in which the president promoted untested cures and pure quackery, were broadcast live to the nation — had the benefit of showing people how unfit he was.

And the best of the Trump-era journalism has been crucial, true to its democratic mission of holding the powerful accountable.

Honestly, it was tough to pick out just three paragraphs, because the whole thing is just so impressive in its complete lack of self-awareness.

Colorful … but apropos. Because Sullivan et al. are so in love with themselves it’s actually disgusting.

But that’s the media’s real job, isn’t it? Crediting themselves for saving America.

They couldn’t even save themselves.

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