Katy Perry was really feeling the love when Joe Biden was called as the winner of the presidential election. So much so that she reached out to members of her family who hadn’t voted for him:

We’re guessing she would not have been quite as loving toward ideologically opposite family members if Donald Trump had won, but we’re feeling generous today so we’ll give her props for the sentiment. Putting family above politics is actually the right thing to do.

So of course, woke British blue-check Kelechi Okafor has managed to make it into something bad:

By day, Kelechi is an actress who teaches pole-dancing and twerking. But her true calling is shaming white liberals who dare to love their conservative family members.

Now, don’t get us wrong … we’re always happy to see the Left eat itself. But we can’t help but feel sorry for Katy Perry and others like her who don’t want to shun family over political disagreements.