MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin reported earlier today that Joe Biden’s lawyer Bob Bauer said “we’ve won the election.”

What Stephen Hayes said.

But we can’t help but be struck by the tone of Griffin’s tweet. See, last night, Kyle was very, very upset about Donald Trump’s remarks about the election:

“Alternate election reality.” “So little of this is true.” “A disgraceful lie.”

That last one especially sounds less like journalism and more like opinion. And Griffin notably didn’t take that approach when tweeting about the Biden campaign declaring victory:

Guess Griffin was too busy looking for ways to work in shots at Donald Trump:

No snarky fact-check, Kyle?


Far be it from us to tell an ostensible journalist how to do his job … but it seems to us that Kyle Griffin is actually pretty bad at journalism.

Quite a striking difference in tone.


It sure does.

Some things never do.