Late last week, NBC News shared a bombshell piece thoroughly debunking the stories concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop.

No, not debunking those stories … debunking a completely different one that almost no one had ever heard of.

Why was NBC News all over that story instead of the ones suggesting that Hunter Biden had cozy relationships with foreign business interests that his father and those foreign business interests mutually benefited from said cozy relationships?

Well, it turns out there’s a very good explanation:


But just as NBC News incorrectly assumed that they’d put any concerns about Biden family corruption to rest by debunking a little-known conspiracy theory, they also incorrectly assumed that no one would catch a very interesting detail included in their justification for ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop stories.

And maybe a lot of people didn’t catch it. But the New York Post’s Jon Levine did:

They buried that revelation at the bottom, but it’s there:

Will NBC News follow this up with another squirrel sighting?

Now, for what it’s worth, the Daily Beast noted the other laptop in an article last month, so NBC News themselves didn’t reveal its existence:

And if that laptop isn’t pertinent to the issues surrounding the one that the New York Post has been reporting on, the purported second laptop likely isn’t a whole ‘nother anti-Hunter-Biden bombshell.

But it doesn’t say much for NBC News’ journalistic thoroughness that they don’t seem all that interested in any of this stuff.