Daily Beast editor-at-large Molly Jong-Fast is actually pretty slow. Hard to believe, we know.

Yesterday, she published her piece about “Trumpworld Panicking” in the Daily Beast for your reading pleasure:

Jong-Fast’s piece included a dig at the “far-right website The Washington Examiner” for an article written by Jerry Dunleavy and Daniel Chaitin about a second purported laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, this one seized by the DEA.

Obviously only a nefarious far-right outlet would consider something like that newsworthy.

Indeed, NBC News’ post justifying their decision to largely ignore the legitimately concerning stories about Hunter Biden’s other seized laptop included a revelation about the existence of a second purported seized laptop.

And we can’t expect Molly to do that.

It gets even more nefarious, though:

Indeed, as we noted earlier, The Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay reported on the second laptop on October 25.

Shouldn’t Molly know that? What exactly does she do there?

It’s actually not all that incredible that Molly Jong-Fast would faceplant like that. We’ve seen enough of her oeuvre to know that that’s just how she rolls.

Also on-brand for Molly? Crap like this:

Don’t hold your breath, Jerry.

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