Don’t worry, guys. CNN’s Jake Tapper isn’t letting up on Twitter’s campaign to suppress the New York Post:

OK, NY Post. Now you know what to do. Just listen to Jake and this can all go away.

Hey, here’s a thought: maybe Twitter can just unlock the NY Post’s account since they have repeatedly failed to demonstrate that the NY Post did anything wrong.

There you go.

Now why would he want to ask a question like that?

He knows.

Much easier to go after the NY Post for reporting an inconvenient narrative than to stand up for the press freedom you so often claim you stand up for.

Hey, if that’s what it takes to prop up Joe Biden …

Oh well. He had a good run.

In any event, at least Tapper’s faux journalist bravery explains a few things.



No, Jake, you suggested that the NY Post bow to Twitter’s BS demand. Something you’d never dream of telling CNN to do.



Oh, here’s a shocker:

If you assume he meant it when he said he was “just suggesting” that the NY Post grovel before Twitter’s feet, you’re just a bad faith actor.

This crap is getting really old. Tapper should know better. We like to think he used to know better, anyway.

How would deleting their tweets be a win for the NY Post?

It wouldn’t. At all. And who cares if they can just tweet them out again? That doesn’t justify what Twitter did to them in the first place.

Jake Tapper is missing the point on purpose. Because that’s what passes for journalistic integrity these days.