There’s a lot of reasons to pick on Hunter Biden, but addiction shouldn’t be one of them.

A couple of weeks ago, Lincoln Project luminary Rick Wilson wrote a piece for the Daily Beast calling out “Trumpworld” for mocking Hunter Biden’s drug problems:

Wilson wrote:

Trumpworld has delighted in making fun of Hunter for his addiction. Trumpy congressman and dentist, Rep. Paul Gosar, tweeted out a photo of Hunter lying in bed with a pipe in his mouth. The caption was, “Crack pipe: ‘Good night Hunter. I love you.’ Hunter: ‘I love you too my little friend.’” This got the hashtag #crackpipebiden trending. Never one to let an opportunity to embarrass himself pass, Fox News pundit Greg Gutfeld said he was going to dress up like Hunter for Halloween with only a crack pipe.

But more and more, as scientific knowledge of addiction deepens and with an opioid crisis across the country trapping decent people in dependency on pain pills because they happened to hurt their back at work, addiction is looked at as a disease and not a moral failing.

So making fun of Hunter with a crack pipe is like making fun of a cancer patient with a chemo drip or making fun of a diabetic for needing insulin. Sickness, especially during a pandemic, seems less than hilarious.

Well, you know us … we hate to point out anything that makes Rick Wilson look like a hypocrite.

So we’ll let others do it instead.


Gee, Rick.

And he made fun of Hunter Biden anyway.

All we can say is thank goodness Rick Wilson didn’t decide to go into medicine. His patients would be miserable.