CNN White House correspondent Jeremy Diamond isn’t quite sure what to make of RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel’s suggesting that President Joe Biden would nominate Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court:

Is it a new one, though? See, if Jeremy’s colleagues at CNN spent more time paying attention to what their competition that isn’t Fox News is up to, they might’ve informed him that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough thinks President Biden should do exactly that. To stick it to Republicans for breaking the rules, of course:

Here it is:

So, Jeremy, for what it’s worth, Joe Scarborough is banking on doing exactly what Ronna McDaniel is warning that Joe Biden will do. And Scarborough’s not the only one who’s salivating at the prospect:

“Retribution.” Well, that does seem to be the Democrats’ mantra. And it’s never steered them wrong before!

There are plenty more where that came from. And Joe Biden is nothing if not open to influence.

So maybe McDaniel has a point, huh?