Some of America’s best and bravest firefighters have been pulling off some of the most daring feats of intellectual acrobatics we’ve seen in quite some time, thanks to inconvenient and increasingly difficult to bury evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden have a corruption problem.

Yesterday, our friend Jim Treacher shared tweets from several media accounts making it pretty clear that the Guardians of Truth are in Code Red Panic Mode. And that was just scratching the surface.

It’s been nothing short of fascinating to watch the media circle the wagons for Joe and Hunter Biden. Especially when you consider how they’ve handled past juicy email stories.

Townhall columnist and Legal Insurrection blogger Mike LaChance took a look back at one of the most egregious examples of media willing to wallow into the muck to expose alleged corruption and revealed that they’ve come a long, long way:

Wonder what the (D)ifference was.

The media hope you don’t.