Let’s hear it for CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale, who actually called out Joe Biden’s lies for a change:

Wait a sec … Daniel didn’t call out Joe Biden’s lies. He called Donald Trump “a serial liar” while declaring Joe Biden “imperfect.”

It’s just so predictable. Dale might as well just come right out and say that he doesn’t want to fact-check Joe Biden because he clearly does not want to fact-check Joe Biden.

We might actually be able to muster a shred of respect for Daniel if he’d just be honest for once.

If Biden wins in November, we’re honestly not sure what Daniel’s going to do with himself all day.



Here’s CNN’s fact-checker in action, folks:

Good Lord. You’re gonna pull a muscle, Daniel.

Joe Biden can’t be honest, but Daniel Dale has a great opportunity here. He should try it. It’s liberating.