Grab your hankies and pour one out for CBS News, who got the rawest of raw deals today thanks to Donald Trump’s decision to release unedited footage of his recent “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl.

It’s bad enough that Stahl further embarrassed herself, her network, and the journalistic profession. But the fact that Donald Trump exposed her full embarrassing performance?

That’s just going too far:

You hate to see it.

Dude, they’re furious.

We can actually understand why CBS News is so pissed off. Not only does the footage released by Team Trump demonstrate that Lesley Stahl is a partisan hack whose commitment to investigative journalism is conditional, but it also demonstrates that CBS News fully intended to present an incomplete and — very likely unfair — version of the interview.

You’re not supposed to see how the sausage gets made!




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