In case you missed it, Ben Shapiro plans to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election:

For what it’s worth, Principles First™ conservative Heath Mayo just can’t wrap his head around someone like Ben Shapiro voting against a principled conservative like Joe Biden:

Maybe ABC News chief political correspondent Matthew Dowd can help Mayo out by putting this in perspective:

And maybe CNN analyst Joe Lockhart can ask Dowd to hold his beer so he can hit “send” on this:

Well, that took a turn.

Nor should it. CNN is already a dumpster fire, and Joe Lockhart just added a truckload of gasoline.

And that raises a question:

Tapper called out O.J. Simpson for weighing in on Toobin-gate:

We’d say this would be a great opportunity for Tapper to call out more classless conduct, wouldn’t you?