Last night was just heavenly for Charlotte Clymer, thanks to Joe Biden’s “empathetic answer on trans rights”:

Yes, we know his heart.

Joe Biden was such a pioneer.

Richard Grenell saw a great opportunity to remind Clymer what was actually in Joe Biden’s heart:

Clymer wasn’t pleased with Grenell for raining on her parade:

Charlotte Clymer calling you terrible is actually a good sign that you’re doing something right. And Grenell can more than hold his own against her.

Yeah, it’s not Richard Grenell who’s losing this battle.

Charlotte should really give this a read. So of course she won’t.

There’s that “sweetie” again. It’s Clymer’s sneering condescension that really sells her message.

Damn, Charlotte Clymer.

Always. Because Clymer is a fraud. Her supposed commitment to LGBTQ rights is entirely politically motivated.

Grenell has enough self-respect to walk away from Clymer’s attempts to rewrite history and shame him for refusing to abide by the rules Clymer has set for the LGBTQ community.

Clymer could learn a great deal from Grenell. About self-respect, about Joe Biden, and about being someone worth taking seriously.