If we’ve learned nothing else from the COVID19 pandemic, it’s that there are special rules for special people.

Special people like the superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools:


Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) Superintendent Dr. Gregory Hutchings has enrolled one of his two children in Bishop Ireton, a private Catholic high school in Alexandria that operates under a hybrid learning model, in contrast to ACPS’s entirely virtual model.  A hybrid model includes virtual and in-person instruction.

Hutchings said in a statement, “I can confirm that our family made a decision to change my daughter’s school this school year. Decisions like these are very personal family decisions and are not taken lightly. This in no way impacts my absolute lifelong, commitment to public education, to which I remain as personally dedicated as ever.”

None of the School Board members contacted by Theogony responded with comments.

We’ll bet they didn’t.

But that would lead to chaos!

It’s actually not all that incredible, when you think about it. School choice opponents’ opposition essentially boils down to not wanting other kids’ educational needs to mess with their own kids’ educational privilege. You want our kids to be on a level educational playing field? Start with school choice. At least give them a fighting chance.