The election’s getting closer every day, and Dems are pulling out the big guns.

Michelle Obama, ladies and gentlemen, with an important message that voters need to hear if they want to save this country from racism and lies:

Only a tiny fraction! Only 7% of businesses get set on fire! Only 7% of innocent business owners and bystanders get curb-stomped or murdered!

Science™ says that property destruction and violence don’t count if they reflect poorly on the Left. It’s Science™. Science™! And who are we to argue with Science™? Who is Donald Trump to argue with Science™?

Of course you’re racist. Only racists would point out that livelihoods and lives are being destroyed in the name of “racial solidarity.” Innocent black people are victims of riots and looting, too, but they just need to realize that the violence is “overwhelmingly peaceful” and they have nothing to worry about.

Gaslighting goes down so much smoother when it’s dressed up in designer clothes.