At this point, it might just be easier to keep track of all the lefties who aren’t prematurely dancing on Donald Trump’s grave in the wake of his COVID19 diagnosis. That list would be a lot shorter than the one we’ve got going now.

Comedy writer David Javerbaum’s @TheTweetOfGod is a very popular Twitter account with more than six million followers.

That means at least six million people are lucky enough to see takes like this one on Donald and Melania Trump testing positive for COVID19:

Hilarious. Because Donald Trump totally deserves to get a potentially fatal illness.

Javerbaum’s fellow garbage people are lapping it up, naturally:

You know what? Point out Donald Trump’s mistakes in addressing COVID19. Point out his persistent reluctance to publicly accept it as a serious public health threat. Point out whatever it is that pisses you off about him.

But maybe, just maybe, take a step back before you go full-on cheering his health being in jeopardy.