Amy Coney Barrett’s name is back in the news, as she’s being floated as one of the top possible SCOTUS nominees to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Of course, Amy Coney Barrett is a conservative. And that means one thing, and one thing only:

She must be stopped at any cost.

And what better way to stop her than by impugning her Catholic faith?

Take it away, Newsweek!

If, based on that tweet, you’re expecting that the Newsweek piece is a glorified hit job … congratulations! You’re right:

Nevertheless, concerns have been raised that Barrett’s ties to [People of Praise] as would influence her decisions on the Supreme Court.

“These groups can become so absorbing that it’s difficult for a person to retain individual judgment,” Sarah Barringer Gordon, a professor of constitutional law and history at the University of Pennsylvania, previously told The Times.

And while the People of Praise group was never brought up in Barrett’s 2017 confirmation hearing for her current post, Senator Dianne Feinstein told Barrett: “The dogma lives loudly within you.” Barrett told the senators that her faith would not affect her decisions as a judge.

In recent days, abortion rights groups have expressed concern that if put on the Supreme Court, Barrett, a darling of the religious right, could help overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

Amy Coney Barrett is a member of a repressive Catholic cult that has brainwashed her into overturning Roe v. Wade when she’s on the Supreme Court!

And also, by the way, People of Praise did not actually inspire “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Oops!

Well, if they retract it, then no one will see the headline anymore and realize that Amy Coney Barrett will make women all handmaid’s and force them to give birth against their will.

They regret getting caught. That’s as far as their regret goes.