Heath Mayo is a self-described conservative who founded the Principles First 501(c)(4), a “grassroots organization built by citizens disillusioned with the current state of our politics” that is “committed to revitalizing and championing conservative principles in the 21st century.”

And that sounds great and everything, except for the fact that to Heath, putting Principles First and championing conservatism means advocating for Joe Biden.

Don’t worry. There’s lots more Biden love where that came from.

And mark Heath Mayo’s words: He’s taken plenty of heat for it. Even from GOP friends:

So stunning, Heath! So brave!

Woke Toddler is all growed up, and his name is Heath Mayo.

And you can bet that Ben Shapiro isn’t about to pass up a golden opportunity to play:

It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s happened to us all.