In case you missed it, the DOJ recently bestowed a new title upon the Big Apple: “anarchist jurisdiction.”

Well, for what it’s worth, Nobel Prize-winning economist and proud New Yorker Paul Krugman thinks the DOJ has their wires severely crossed:

Paul Krugman knows it’s a fake anarchist threat because he went out for a morning run and didn’t personally see any anarchy. So when he says it’s fake, you can take his word for it.

The real threat is the “fascists” who want to stop the mostly peaceful protests.

That the Nobel Committee doles out awards to bubble dwellers like Paul Krugman? That people take bubble dwellers like Paul Krugman seriously?

Yes, that is terrifying.

If out-of-touch elitist tools like Paul Krugman want to keep looking the other way on violent anarchy, they’re in for the rudest of rude awakenings.