Good news, everyone! New York City is perfect and there’s no violence or rioting or looting or bad stuff of any kind to be found.

But don’t take our word for it. Take Paul Krugman’s:

Yes, Paul. People live in bubbles. Not you. “People.”

Forget it; he’s rolling:

Well, there you have it! Paul Krugman is nothing if not in touch with the concerns of the average New Yorker.

Run, Stephen. It was a run.

Can’t believe Paul didn’t say he stopped for a breakfast burrito afterward.

Um, apparently they do think it’ll work. Because they keep doing it.

As if! He’s dishonest, not insane.

New Yorkers are all just supposed to take Paul Krugman’s word for it that everything’s fine.

Paul’s a worthy successor to Mr. Duranty.