Joe Biden has got such a way with words, doesn’t he?

Here’s how he summed up the 2020 election last night:

Did he nail it or did he nail it?

Well, to be fair, Michael Scott was more coherent than Joe Biden.

And at least Michael Scott had a little bit of self-awareness. Can’t say the same for Joe Biden, who apparently believes that he’s the working-class candidate standing up to wealthy Park Avenue snobs.

It’d be adorable if it weren’t so pathetic and cringey.

Soledad O’Brien is clearly thinking the same thing and is urging Biden to maybe retire this particular slogan:

“Pssst! Joe! Don’t demonize the people you’re relying on to buttress your campaign and sweep you into the White House!”

And it’s not over yet!

If you’re not inclined to vote for Donald Trump, please consider voting for one of Branson Taylor’s nuts. We guarantee you they’re more qualified to run this country than Joe Biden.