Veteran reporter — in the truest sense of the word — Mark Knoller covered some remarks by Mark Meadows today:

And for that sin, Knoller is paying the price:

Um … journalism?

But the Left loves stenographers and press secretaries! Democratic ones, that is.

Knoller is a true rarity in the political world: a journalist who actually does journalism. And that just pisses off people who think the media should put activism above journalism.

Count the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams among those defending Knoller from pissy liberals:

Nailed it. These clowns lose it every time Donald Trump calls out blatant media hackery, but when a reporter notably does what the media are actually supposed to do, they cry foul.

They only want the kind of journalism that makes the media’s reputation get even worse.

Funny that these people want Donald Trump to respect garbage journalism but won’t extend that courtesy to actual journalism.

Nothing wrong with wanting to safeguard the last remaining shreds of journalistic integrity.