We’ve been highly critical of mostly peaceful protesters setting fire to stuff and being violent. But we never really stopped to think about the people behind the mostly peaceful protests, you know?

Thank goodness that BuzzFeed is around to show us rioters’ humanity:

They are not animals! They are human beings!


Well-respected lawyers who had met at a birthday party in 2014, Rahman and Mattis are both in their early thirties, with large social circles and close-knit families, living the American dream their immigrant parents had aspired for them. Rahman defended tenants facing evictions, and Mattis did pro bono work representing women with low incomes in family court while practicing corporate law at a prestigious firm. They had become attorneys in hopes of using the law to help balance the scales of a justice system that, in their eyes, favored rich over poor, white over Black, citizen over refugee.

“It’s very easy to suggest they could have reacted differently from what’s alleged, but what’s being expressed in the streets is a hurt people of color have had to hold for generations,” said a friend of both who requested anonymity for fear of losing her government job for speaking up about the case. “Before they’re attorneys, they’re human, they’re people of color, and they see their fellow people of color suffering.”

They just want to end the suffering!

This is BuzzFeed.

No! They deserve our sympathy! Who among us hasn’t considered arson as a means of fighting for justice?

That’s basically BuzzFeed’s angle here.

BuzzFeed really missed an opportunity. Oh well.

It’s the definition of hackery.

It’s a weird flex, but OK.