Since Joe Biden isn’t allowed to talk to the media, it’s up to his wife Jill Biden to get his message out there.

She recently sat down for a “CNN exclusive” with Bianna Golodryga, where she explained why children who are struggling to cope with remote learning won’t be struggling when Joe Biden is president:

Your five-year-old will have a laptop and everything will be fine!

So vote for Joe!

That’s basically the argument Jill Biden is making.

It’s BS, of course.

Why isn’t that little boy smiling? Is it because the laptop he’s sitting in front of didn’t come directly from Joe Biden?

Neither is Jill. She just needs you to not think about that until after the election.


And what will that little boy in Georgia really be doing if Joe Biden gets his way?

Those crumbs will be great, though. You’ll see.

Follow-up questions? You mean like this?

If Joe Biden is elected, look for more questions like that.