Violent left-wing protesters might be setting fires to cities and destroying property while chanting “Death to America,” but can we please take a moment to address the real problem?

Former Democratic senator and current MSNBC analyst Claire McCaskill is doing her best to shine a light on the scourge of “far-right extremists [using] violence to try to inflame protests”:

Great question, Claire! Why isn’t there more coverage of the smattering of far-Right troublemakers? After all, the far-Left protests are mostly peaceful. It’s those damn Boogaloo jerks we should really be worried about.

And the fact that McCaskill is pushing a take that was bad when it was originally published two and a half months ago is further proof that she’s someone we should listen to and take very seriously:

We’d say Trump’s warnings about leftist violence were pretty spot-on. WaPo’s warnings about the Boogaloos? Eh, not so much.

Dems hate those!