As Twitchy told you, CNN’s Don Lemon and Andrew Cuomo are very concerned about the violent rioting in Kenosha and other cities. But not because people are getting hurt and their property is being destroyed.

No, it’s because it’s negatively affecting polling for Democrats.

While this further cements Lemon’s status as a garbage person, at least he can take some comfort in knowing that he’s not alone.

It’s true. It’s becoming a thing now.

Here’s David Axelrod:

Aside from the fact that the shooting may not have been as “egregious” as it initially appeared, Axelrod’s priorities appear to be decidedly out of whack. He’s almost making it sound like the GOP wanted the violence all along in the hopes that Donald Trump could use it as ammo in the election.

That’s deranged.

And what’s really messed up is that a lot of people think Axelrod’s take is the right one.

Way to keep those eyes on the prize.

And then there’s this guy:

According to his Twitter bio, Steve is a “freelance muckraker” who covers climate issues and is a “Kenosha kid.” He’s literally watching his city being destroyed and his concern is that the optics will benefit Donald Trump.

There actually were, as it turned out.

Learn it, David. Learn it, Steve. Memorize it.

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