Holy crap, you guys. Did you hear what happened during Donald Trump’s speech today?

Just see for yourselves:

Obligatory screenshot:

Disgusting, you guys.

What more proof do you need that Donald Trump is a racist?

As it turns out, you need a little more:

The Lincoln Project has already leaned too far into this. They can’t stop now!

Even Aaron Rupar’s calling BS on the Lincoln Project:

And Peter Hamby:

And Philip Bump:

And Paula Reid, albeit grudgingly:

Uh-oh, Lincoln Project …

Accuracy doesn’t matter when there are sweet, sweet likes and retweets to score.

Is it stealing if it’s for a good cause?

The Lincoln Project is predictable and awful and predictably awful.

Party of Science™ refuses to examine the actual evidence.

Oh, snap.

Words mean nothing when you have an agenda to push.

Because Principles First™.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets. The headline has also been edited to remove “” because the video has been deleted.



Guess the media calling them out was too much for even the Lincoln Project.

They deleted the tweet:

Definitely not forgotten.