This morning, Bulwark publisher and founder of Republican Voters Against Trump Sarah Longwell shared some of her thoughts on Joe Biden’s DNC speech:

Longwell’s clearly got the NeverTrump cred. But she made a fatal mistake.

And Soledad O’Brien wasn’t about to let it slide:

Did Longwell say it was?

No, Soledad. You stop.

Character is definitely not one of Soledad O’Brien’s values. That’s for damn sure.

Doesn’t matter. Soledad O’Brien isn’t one to back down from an intellectually dishonest fight she started.

Soledad’s on the warpath. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve got nothing better to do with your life than try to make others miserable.


That’s good advice.

Broken beyond repair.

Unfortunately, for NeverTrump in its current form, Soledad O’Brien’s ire may just be a sign of what’s to come: