San Francisco resident Daniel Singer’s place got broken into recently, and not for the first time:

He’s asked DA Chese Boudin (who, in case you weren’t aware, was adopted and raised by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn after his biological parents were sent to prison for murder and robbery) to do something about this:

But, as Andrew Sampson, CEO of gaming app Rainway, points out, the problem won’t go away until people in the Bay Area are willing to address the real root causes:

OK …

Now, now. Let’s not judge. Andrew has more to say:

They were just looking for some bread, you entitled, privileged jerks!

Maybe he should get out more.

You do that; Andrew’s busy digging.

We’re gonna go ahead and pass on working together with people like Andrew Sampson, who despite purporting to care about humanity don’t actually care about the value of human life, or about how the world works.

Maybe next time Andrew Sampson has “a controversial take” to share, he should keep it to himself.