One of Democrats’ favorite new talking points is that Donald Trump’s campaign to “dismantle” the USPS will snatch away seniors’ Social Security checks:

There’s plenty more where that came from. The problem is that it’s dishonest:

Indeed, the ball got rolling in 2010:

Americans receiving payments for Social Security, unemployment insurance, veterans benefits, railroad retirement, and government benefits will now find the money automatically deposited into their personal bank accounts. Americans without bank accounts can get paid using the Treasury Department’s Direct Express Debit MasterCard program.

The administration will make the direct deposit announcement on Monday when Treasury publishes a notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register to begin a 60-day period of public comment. Once the final rule is published, the administration will roll out the changes with a public education campaign.

The new rule will primarily take effect in March 2011, with a few exceptions that will not take effect until March 2013.

Doesn’t know? Or doesn’t care? Maybe a little of both?

But Trump wasn’t president in 2013!

This is all so confusing, you guys.

What possible motivation could Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have to frighten seniors? Oh.

Now, it’s important to note that it’s still possible to receive Social Security payments in the form of paper checks, though those who wish to do so are supposed to fill out a waiver. It seems pretty clear, though, that Democrats’ message is effectively “Donald Trump wants to steal your money, your medicine, and your food.”

And that’s shameful.

Of course not. Because what fun would that be?



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