As Twitchy told you, Claire McCaskill got busted for using someone else’s photo — without attribution — to falsely claim that the Trump administration is locking up mailboxes in Washington, D.C.

She ultimately admitted to her “mistake”:

Did you think her apology rang pretty hollow? Well, you thought right.

McCaskill’s fellow MSNBC analyst Andrew Weissmann retweeted her fake news as fact:

And McCaskill got called out for her role in spreading the USPS conspiracy theory:

She showed just how sorry she was:

“A simple mistake” meant to scare people into thinking that the Trump administration is actively trying to prevent them from voting. As McCaskill would say, “same sentiment applies.” Regardless of where the photo was taken, her purpose in using it is clear. And to try to justify her dishonesty by pivoting to Rush Limbaugh or Donald Trump is, well, pretty reprehensible in its own right.

It’s all she’s got.

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