If we the people don’t rise up now in defiance of Donald Trump saying mean things about the USPS, we’re going back to the Middle Ages.

But if you don’t take our word for it, take David Brin’s. Brin wrote “The Postman,” so he knows what he’s talking about. Fortunately, he was willing to share his knowledge with Entertainment Weekly:


“We are in the middle right now of an attempted worldwide oligarchic push to reinstall feudalism, the dismally-failed governance model that dominated 99 percent of societies on six continents for 6,000 years,” says Brin. “The Postman, both the movie and the book, talk about how essential it is for us to remember the things that knit us together. Small town America is especially coming to realize that really the post office is the center of town, but will they realize it in time to make a difference? I don’t think Trump cares any more if the Republican party is torched in November. I think chaos is the goal.”

I’m going online and proposing a grassroots effort for people to just try to keep up the morale of folks at the post office by dropping by with snacks or standing out front with a placard saying, “Thank you.” I mean, that’s something almost anyone can do. I’m working with a few volunteers to set up a webpage that links to some of these volunteer efforts. Other than that, it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas in the calamity. We are looking at the fruition of vastly subsidized propaganda like that horrible evil film 300 that pushed the notion that oppressively macho regimes like the Spartans were somehow justified in contempt towards the citizen-soldiers of Athens. This has been a subsidized and highly relentless program that is all about undermining an experiment. I’m encouraged by it. I believe that it’s a sign that they know their time is almost up, that they have 20 years to reestablish feudal oligarchy, rule by inheritance, and all of that, or it will be all over.

In the long run of course the answer is going to be political. Joe Biden needs to get on TV and say, “They think tricks like this are going to stop you from voting. The implicit understory is, they think you’re too lazy or scared to go to the polls and that crippling the mail will keep your lazy asses from voting. I think that most of you would crawl through broken glass that’s covered with anthrax. It’s going to be up to you to prove which of us is right.”

Join the club.

Hard to argue with that at this point.

Oh Lord.

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