We know that news of the historic peace agreement between Israel and the UAE has a lot of lefties — especially the anti-Semitic ones — upset. We know this because they’re not even trying to hide their disgust at the prospect of Israel being seen as legitimate by anyone in the Middle East.

MSNBC recently spoke with frequent contributor and BDS advocate Yousef Munayyer to get his perspective on the peace agreement, and if viewers expected an anti-Israel diatribe, they weren’t disappointed:

Framing cooperation with Israel as a betrayal of Arabs is pretty gross. What it’s not is subtle.

And MSNBC is only too eager to give Munayyer a means of spreading this sick stuff around.

Here’s a scoop for MSNBC: Yousef Munayyer is not someone whose takes you should be seeking and spreading when it comes to Israel and the Middle East.

And MSNBC is encouraging him.

Where’s the fun in that?