Thanks in no small part to Jezebel and Yashar Ali, Republican congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn has been shamed into deleting an Instagram post featuring photos of him at the Eagle’s Nest, a post in which he referred to Adolf Hitler as “a supreme evil.”

But we’d be remiss if we ignored Cawthorn’s Democratic opponent Moe Davis’ own personal crusade to slime Cawthorn. Here’s what Davis contributed to the discourse last night:

88 people? Dear God. You know what that means, right? Clearly Cawthorn loves him some Hitler (88=HH=Heil Hitler, obviously). Factor that in with the Betsy Ross flag and “MOLON LABE” and whatnot and you’ve got yourself a gen-yu-wine neo-Nazi white supremacist.

Or maybe Davis is just a moron and garbage person.

Except Davis is literally making this up. And he’s indeed using his BS “evidence” to smear Cawthorn as a Hitler-worshiping fascist.

Congratulations, Moe Davis. You’ve somehow managed to distinguish yourself among an impressive pack of terrible people.

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