NBA analyst — and former head coach for the Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat — Stan Van Gundy needs you to know something about what we in America have done.

In a recent opinion piece in the Orlando Sentinel, columnist David Whitley called out the NBA for preaching about their commitment to social justice while turning a blind eye to China’s Uyghur genocide. But Van Gundy’s got some news for you: America’s in no position to call China out for human rights abuses.

Here’s why:

But it’s no problem that Stan here is using historical wrongs that “we” had nothing to do with to distract from China’s ongoing systematic human rights abuses.

Hope those ChiCom boots taste good, Stan.

Clearly. God forbid he use his voice to speak out against the Chinese government when he’s got a chance to trash this country. A country, by the way, that isn’t currently committing genocide.