How much does America suck? Well, it sucks hard enough for CNN to try to shine a light on African American leaving this country for the safe haven that is Mexico:


She visited Mexico several times before she decided to relocate to the nation the State Department says is home to 1.5 million US citizens. That number includes US-born children who’ve returned with their Mexican parents, American retirees and digital nomads.

She calls the move the best decision she’s ever made. While Mexico is not perfect and has its own problems, she says, she’s never encountered any racism in the tourist destination made famous by the 1960s film, “The Night of the Iguana.”

“They value me as a person. My complexion feels like added value to me here and I am not afraid of the police. Can you imagine saying that?” Brown says. “I walk by police with guns in Puerto Vallarta, they smile and wave. No fear.”

Mexico is just heaven on earth, you guys.

Only if the Washington Post doesn’t beat them to it.

Right? Puerto Vallarta isn’t exactly Tijuana.

Ah, well. CNN’s got a narrative to push.

They don’t know how to do anything else: