Peggy Noonan recently wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal warning about the “Burn it Down” mentality of many self-described Never Trumpers. The whole thing is worth reading, but here’s a choice excerpt:

Many if not most of those calling for burning the whole thing down are labeled “Never Trump,” and a lot of them are characterologically quick to point the finger of blame. They’re aiming at Trump supporters in Congress. Some of those lawmakers have abandoned long-held principles to show obeisance to the president and his supporters. Some, as you know if you watched the supposed grilling of tech titans this week, are just idiots.

But Never Trumpers never seem to judge themselves. Many of them, when they were profiting through past identities as Republicans or conservatives, supported or gave strategic cover to the wars that were such a calamity, and attacked those who dissented. Many showed no respect to those anxious about illegal immigration and privately, sometimes publicly, denounced them as bigots. Never Trumpers eloquently decry the vulgarization of politics and say the presidency is lowered by a man like Mr. Trump, and it is. But they invented Sarah Palin and unrelentingly attacked her critics. They often did it in the name of party loyalty.

Some Never Trumpers helped create the conditions that created President Trump. What would be helpful from them now is not pyromaniac fantasies but constructive modesty, even humility.

In other words, many Never Trumpers would do well to switch from kneejerk screeching to quiet introspection.

Yeah, well, screw that, says the Bulwark’s Amanda Carpenter:

Never Trumpers are practically perfect in every way. What need do they have to look in the mirror?

Carpenter writes:

That’s the kind of wistful, head-in-the-clouds analysis Noonan is known for, though. Like, wouldn’t everything be better if everyone just played along more nicely? Why all this anger toward a president who lets Russia put bounties on the heads of our soldiers, tear-gases peaceful protesters, and lies and obstructs justice as a way of life? Why on earth should Susan Collins, Martha McSally, and Cory Gardner be sacrificed on the altar of Trump just to prove a point about accountability? Because follow-the-leader Republicans like Collins will surely be the ones to save us from another trillion in deficit spending and finally stop funding for Planned Parenthood! Because Collins, of all people, must have “learned lessons” from Trump. We should all be so, so very concerned about the future of the GOP without Republicans like Collins.

“When the Trump experience is over, the Republican Party will have to be rebuilt,” Noonan prophesies. (Duh.) “A lot is going to have to be rethought. Simple human persuasion will be key.” And then she tries to persuade her readers that we Never Trumpers are really the problem. “Never Trumpers never seem to judge themselves,” she complains, never once pausing to consider why it’s okay for her write things like Trump is “weak, unserious and avoidant of the big issues” while she remains “weak, unserious and avoidant” of the big issue of how to go about restoring the kind of strong Republican leadership she pines for.

Wow. Did Peggy Noonan nail these people or what?

At least.

Carpenter was far too busy being superior to consider what Noonan was actually saying.

Must be a day ending in “y.”