In case you missed it, New York Times media columnist Ben Smith has been busy ruffling feathers with a new piece on Ronan Farrow that calls his journalistic credibility into question:


Quite a shift in tone when it comes to MSM coverage of Farrow …

Regardless of what you may think of Farrow’s reporting (there’s no doubt he blew it big-time on the Deborah Ramirez thing), #MeToo pioneer Rose McGowan is clearly siding against Ben Smith and the New York Times. As she sees it, Smith (and the Times, by extension) has a vested interest in destroying Farrow’s reputation:

Smith is no longer with BuzzFeed, but McGowan apparently believes that he’s still loyal to BuzzFeed and therefore would still have a reason to discredit Farrow, given NBC’s concerted effort to bury Farrow’s reporting on Harvey Weinstein as well as alleged sexual predation among prominent NBC personalities like Matt Lauer.

Or not.