Elizabeth Warren is very, very upset with Jeff Bezos. Why? Because as a soon-to-be trillionaire, he’s still stealing from his employees:

Outrageous, right?

Just sick. Almost as sick as Elizabeth Warren deliberately deceptively framing what Amazon’s actually doing.

Since Warren clearly can’t be counted on to be honest, it’s apparently up to independent conservative journalist Jeryl Bier to set the record straight:


“These extensions increase our total investment in pay during COVID-19 to nearly $800 million for our hourly employees and partners,” Carter said in a statement.

The online retail giant first instituted the hazard pay for warehouse and fulfillment center workers in March.

It was set to expire at the end of April before being extended through May 16.

Some Amazon employees don’t think that these measures go far enough, and that’s an argument they can make. But, like AOC and Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren is focused solely on her agenda of demonizing billionaires (or anyone who has more money than she does), so she’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal.

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