If AOC ever gets voted out of office, she should really consider a career in comedy. Homegirl’s hilarious.

No, really. She is.

Check out this shining example of her progressive wit:

Get it? Because billionaires are lazy mofos who contribute nothing to the society that’s given them so much. Jeff Bezos doesn’t pay taxes! Eat the rich! Billionaires should not exist!

Ah, but it is. The crime is that they have more money than you and even AOC, who likely also has more money than you. But she’s not a billionaire so it’s OK.

You mean, like, a flat tax? But that’s unfair. They must be punished for their success until they’re no longer successful and everyone’s poor. Well, except for AOC and her would-be authoritarian government.

If we’re too drunk to care about all eventually getting fleeced, it’s all good.



She’s got more cleverness where that came from:

We’ll call you radical. That’s it. That’s the end.

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